Copper & Cane



1 oz wathens bourbon

1/2 oz benedictine

1/4 oz sorghum syrup

1 oz grapefruit juice

6 dashes regan’s orange bitters

champaign to taste

grated nutmeg

build ingredients in a mixing glass over ice.

shake and strain into a champagne flute

top with sparkling wine and grated nutmeg

Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon is produced by Charles Wathen Medley, from a recipe that’s been passed down through eight generations of Wathen and Medley family members. That’s 250 years of distilling expertise—and you can taste it in every drop.  Before Wathen’s arrives at our bar, it has gone through an exhaustive process that includes selecting and milling only the finest grains, and the addition of the Medley family yeast to spur the fermentation process. All ingredients are added to the spring water filtered through Kentucky limestone before undergoing the 100% copper doubling. Add to this elixir a little fresh lemon juice, wicked orange bitters, a dash of sorghum syrup, a spot of brut and a pinch of freshly shaved nutmeg, and you’ve got the ultimate holiday sip-fest. The Copper & Cane represents a fine mix of regional wonders and cosmopolitan tradition, makes for good company before a meal and will warm up any cold fall or winter’s night.

Holeman-Finch (bottle shop, where they’re cool guys. different story at the restaurant)

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